Arts4All, A4A a self-sustaining not-for-profit foundation with Archana B Sapra and Puja Bahri as the founding trustees, is a multilevel arts forum currently based in New Delhi. It invites, mentors and funds emerging artists from various regions and genres, to create and exhibit their work and help strengthen their careers. Through digital technology, residencies, public art projects and educational initiatives, the Trust brings the rural to the urban and metro to

the roots; thereby  help bridge the gap amongst the artists for creative networking and self-sustenance.

Since it’s inception in 2011, Arts4All has grown to housing artists in its residency programmes, conceptualizing and executing public art projects, conducting art workshops and curating exhibitions. It believes in fostering interactions between artists, curators, scholars, writers and young students through its initiatives.  A4A in its all new avatar  has within its sphere - an Arts Experimental & Research Center and  Exhibition Space & Baithak.  The

Create Studio,  which is a separate entity to provide professional art education, is also housed in the same premises.

The A4A Experiment Center is a think tank for the arts, a genuinely interdisciplinary space that brings people together- from across the arts and beyond the arts for unexpected conversations, collaborations, and community-building. It serves as a forum to share, test, and critique works by artists, arts

scholars, etc.

It aims to provide opportunities for artists to engage in uninterrupted creativity; fostering dialogue among artists, researchers, scholars, and community members through workshops, talks, seminars and symposia; nurturing future art professionals and promoting study and exploration. The initiative brings

to light the intrinsic power of art and promotes critical looking and thinking.


A4A (Arts for All) is a self-sustaining not-for-profit foundation aimed to showcase a diverse spectrum of visual arts.

Its primary focus is on helping struggling artists, both folk and contemporary, through dialogue across cultures and geographical barriers, encouraging experimentation,  facilitating their growth,  helping  improve the quality of their work,  making it accessible to a  wider audience  and also  marketing it

for their economic sustainability.

Our trust is registered u/s 80G of the IT Act 1961, vide Letter No. NQ.DIT(E) 1/2082 Del-AE-24538-18032013, dated 18/03/2013 valid from A.Y.2013-14 onwards till it is rescinded.

All donation cheques should be made in the name of Art For Art.

Currently now at A4A

‘The Neel Show’

An exhibition on Krishna by 9 contemporary artists
On the occasion of Janmashthmi, Arts4all goes blue with the exhibition ‘Neel’, to celebrate the birth of the ‘natkhat maakhan chor’, Lord Krishna. ‘Neel’ brings together a group of young artists working across a range of mediums and ideas to portray ‘Krishna’ through the artists’ stream of consciousness.
‘Neel’, meaning the colour blue represents the importance of the blue colouring synonymous to Lord Krishna and symbolizes his qualities - bravery, determination, the power to handle arduous situations, and embodying the depth of his character in many of his legendary stories. There have been many artistic exemplifications of Krishna over history where the artists have endeavored to unravel the mystery of Lord Krishna through their art works. The Pichhvai artists from Rajasthan have narrated tales of Krishna, his avatars, moods, and postures. Krishna- a ‘natkhat maakhan chor’ as a child; Krishna as a young charmer playing the flute for his beloved gopis – female devotees; Krishna as a protector; or Krishna in his universal form Vishvaroopa. In an abstract form, for some Krishna signifies the Self, the Being, and pure Consciousness. Unraveling the mystery of Krishna are the 9 young contemporary artists who showcase & narrate their own depictions and understanding through their art.

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